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Korista haarniska timanteilla Knight’s Life slotissa

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Oil on board 27x22 cm. Öljy kankaalle 13,5x40 cm. Öljy kankaalle 26,5x34 cm. Öljy kankaalle 30x43,5 cm. Oil on canvas 30x Öljy levylle 39x44 cm.

Oil on board 39x44 cm. Öljy kankaalle 50,5x40,5 cm. Öljy kankaalle 53,5x64 cm. Beställningsarbete direkt av konstnären. Bespoken directly from the Artist.

Mixed media 35x50 cm. Öljy kankaalle 30x65 cm. Oil on canvas 30x65 cm. Öljy kankaalle 98,5x cm.

Bukowski Huutokaupat, Tukholma A tergo jäämistöleima sekä Gustaf Jaenssonin aitoustodistus. Bukowski Auktioner Stockholm Bukowskis Auctions, Stockhom A tergo stamped by the estate, comes with proof of authenticity by Gustaf Jaensson.

Öljy kankaalle 62x96 cm. Oil on canvas 62x96 cm. Öljy kankaalle 73x cm. Oil on canvas 73x cm. Öljy kankaalle 70x cm.

Oil on canvas 70x cm. Öljy kankaalle 68x cm. Oil on canvas 68x cm. Öljy kankaalle 66x cm. Oil on canvas 66x cm.

Öljy kankaalle 25,5x38,5 cm. Öljy kankaalle 38x78 cm. Oil on canvas 38x78 cm. Sekatekniikka paperille 30x45 cm. Mixed media on paper 30x45 cm.

Öljy kankaalle, liimattu levylle 58x79 cm. Oil on canvas, glued on board 58x79 cm. Öljy kankaalle 55x90 cm. Oil on canvas 55x90 cm.

Öljy kankaalle 41x70 cm. Oil on canvas 41x70 cm. Öljy kankaalle 43x60 cm. Oil on canvas 43x60 cm. Öljy levylle 63x92 cm.

Oil on panel 63x92 cm. Öljy kankaalle 77x55,5 cm. Oil on canvas 77x Öljy kankaalle 75x cm. Oil on canvas 75x cm. Öljy kankaalle, liimattu levylle 40x59 cm.

Oil on canvas, glued on board 40x59 cm. Öljy kankaalle 60x91 cm. Oil on canvas 60x91 cm. Öljy kankaalle, liimattu levylle x cm. Oil on canvas, glued on board x cm.

Öljy kankaalle 88x74 cm. Oil on canvas 88x74 cm. Öljy kankaalle x85 cm. Oil on canvas x85 cm. Öljy puulevylle 45x62 cm.

Oil on panel 45x62 cm. Mixed media 37x26 cm. Oil on canvas 77x cm. Exhibited at the St. Mixed media 58x86 cm. Mixed media 8x13 cm. Oil on canvas 50x65 cm.

Oil on canvas x81 cm. The figure is wearing a medal of the Order of St. Anne, 2nd Class, with a ribbon. This medal was established in and was awarded to diplomats and civilians of a certain standing in society.

Even more interesting is the Turkish order of Iftihar Nishani also worn by the figure. The order was established in by Mahmud II.

There were two versions of this medal, and all were attached to the red and green ribbon typical for Turkish military dress.

The relations between Turkey and Russia were poor until , when Nikolai I reached some agreements between the two countries.

The multitude of brilliants on the medal signify his importance, and the paper in his hand may be a contract.

Mixed media 47x32 cm. Oil on canvas 57x43 cm. Oil on canvas 21x26 cm. Oil on canvas 25x15 cm. Mixed media on paper 45x Certificate of Authenticity Grabar No , November 24th Oil on board 19x15 cm.

Mixed media 12x9 cm. Oil on canvas 30x47 cm. Oil on canvas 24x34 cm. Oil on canvas 62x44 cm. Oil on panel 24x20 cm. Oil on board 55x61 cm.

Oil on canvas 81x65 cm. Riza, silver-gilt, Saint Petersburg s. Martyr Alexander, Guardian Angel, St. Tempera on wood panel, late 19th century.

Master Jacob Vasilevich Sofonov Saint Petersburg Tempera on wood panel. Russia last quarter of the 19th century. Saint Peters- burg, Tempera on wood panel, Russia, last third of the 19th century.

Tempera on wood panel, Russia, the last third of the 19th century. Tempera on wood panel, Russia late 19 th century.

Oklad, silver, unknown master. Assay master Ivan Iva- novich Vihlajev, Moscow Tempera on woodpanel, Crete circa Petersburg early 20th century.

Case with three compartments. Compartment for cigarettes in the middle, a place for matches with scrathing surface on one side and a compartment with cigarette holk on the other.

Scratched inven- tory number Russia early 20th century. Faberge with imperial warrant. Reeded rim chased with tied ribbons. Colourless glass body cut with stellar pat- terns.

Both bowls marked with inventory number, and Alfred Sewig, engineer working for A. Nobel in Russia ca Empire style with swan decoration on the border, braided ribbon ornamentation on the handles.

Probably a gift from the Nobel family. Alfred Sewig, engineer for A. Nobel in Russia around A sugar strainer, serving fork and caddy spoon. Made by Imerial jeweller Bolin in Moscow Rectangular- shaped with glass base and gilt silver rim.

Made by Gratchev , supplier to the Imperial court. Silverparts gilt on the inside. Petersburg early 19th century. One fork made by Gratchev in St.

Made by Ovchinnikov , supplier to the Imperial court. Cartouche- shaped with three rocaille feet. Engraved decora- tion with Pan-slavic ornaments.

Plain round shape with owners monogram CE. Total weight g. Plain surface with engraved monogram ES. Petersburg, early 19th century.

Bowl-shaped top supported by three dolphins, gilt inside. Gilt silver salt spoons made in St. Petersburg in the s. Made by Alexander Muhin in Moscow Pierced rim and foot.

Handle with relief flowers. Extensive decoration with signatures in gold, 22 diamonds and 12 synthetic rubies. Parts of decorations missing.

Godroned sides with flower border. Handle and knob made of black painted wood. Gilt and patinated inside.

Made by Wilhelm Wulf in St. Petersburg, late 19th century. Cast rocaille decoration on the rim, fot and handle.

Chased bowl with waves. A Russian silver biedermeier milk jug by an unknown goldsmith, Moscow, s. Godroned sides with punched borders.

Unknown goldsmith, BK, Moscow Gilt spoon base and engraved decorations. Silver sugar bowl and milk jug made by Stefan Wäkevä in St.

Sugar tongs made by unidentified goldsmith PJS in St. Pan-slavic style with engraved ornaments. Diameter of the sugar bowl 15 cm. In neo-classical style with original glass bowl.

Monogram engraved EC and AC. Made by Adolf Sper in St. Ivory handle with damages. Unknown master, made in Moscow Gilt with niello ornamentation.

Made by Nikolai Ivanov in Moscow Panslavic style, partly gilt. Gardner porcelain factory, early 19th century. Gilt with painted ornamentation.

Imperial porcelain fac- tory from the time of czar Alexander II, St. Gilt and turquoise flower in the middle. By the Kornilov Factory, St.

Petersburg, - Iron-red and gilt with flowers and foliage. Dmitrovskaja porcelain factory, previously Gardner, s.

Painted blue with flowers. Gardner was a well known porcelain factory established in a small village called Verbilki in the Dmitrov district of Moscow Province, in They produced high quality services and figurines, competing with the Imperial Porcelain Factory.

The founder Francis Gardner studied the production in other Euro- pean countries to learn how to produce high quality porcelain. During the 19th century a lot of small porcelain factories sprung up across Russia, and Gardner set the production standards for the other factories.

Gardner recieved several commissions from noblemen and the imperial court of Russia. In the s, they were asked to recreate the lost objects from a banquet service made at the Imperial Porcelain Factory.

In the late 19th century the production was no longer profitable and the factory was sold to Matvei Kuznetsov in In Soviet times the factory was nationalised and renamed after the nearby town of Dmitrov.

Russia, second half of the 19th century. Imperial porcelain factory, time of czar Paul I Possibly painted at a later date.

Painted decoration with gold and silver. Gilt brass with marble stand on stone base with pearl border. Blue baluster-shaped glass with glass flowers and cut-glass column.

Leaf-shaped candleholders for four candles, various cut prisms. Gilt bronze, empire style, late 19th century. Fluted column on tripod base with lion feet and cut acanthus leaves.

Triangle-shaped base and foliage ornaments. Later electrified and new shade. Underneath unclear red inventory number.

Gold with enamelled ornamentation. Length of bracelet 20 cm. Height of the locket 42 mm, width 32 mm. The recipient of this precious memento was the widow of Theo- dor Fedor Fedorovich von Graevenitz — , actual state counsellor, director of the imperial palace at Pavlovsk, knight of the Order of St John of Jerusalem Malta.

In Correspondance de S. Kourakine , p. My dear Prince…What nuptials your long absence has caused you to miss with us! Here we have Princess Woronetzky who is going to marry in a few weeks, perhaps in five, M.

Mon cher Prince…Que de noces votre longue absence vous met dans le cas de manquer chez nous! I bequeath to Madame de Graevnitz, as to my pensioner, my stu- dent and widow of a man who served me so well, a medallion with my cipher, to be made.

Madame von Graevenitz decided to mount her imperial gift in a bra- celet. The bracelet in such a case would have been commissioned through the Cabinet of His Imperial Majesty.

Although made of gold, the piece is not marked, which of- ten was the case with jewels of imperial provenance.

Based on the superb workmanship, it can be assumed the bracelet was made by one of the St. The bracelet is composed of eleven vipers eating their own tails, each one coiling to shape a sideways figure eight.

The intriguing de- sign combines the ancient symbols of the ouroboros and the mat- hematical symbol of infinity. Both have been used since antiquity as tokens of everlasting love and remembrance.

In the art of the jewel- ler, these motifs were especially popular during the early decades of the nineteenth century. The skin of the vipers is naturalistically ena- melled in black with a zigzag dorsal pattern down the entire length.

The decorative black pattern is enhanced by regularly interspersed dots in white enamel. A transparent disc of glass protects the delicate strands.

The date mentioned above is engraved on the be- zel of the transparent cover. The empress, who was born into a culture-oriented family, had an excellent education.

She had a marked interest in arts and crafts, especially glyptic art, and took lessons in cameo cutting from Carl Leberecht, who was an engra- ver of medals at the St.

Petersburg Mint and a teacher at the Imperial Academy of Arts. The agate cameo that hangs from her necklace in the portrait was carved by herself.

It depicts her mother-in-law, Ca- therine the Great, as Minerva. A drawing for a cameo of the imperial children that she was about to execute appears on the stand.

They had ten children—four sons and six daughters. Two of their sons became Russian emperors: The reign of Paul I was cut short, however; he suffered the same fate as his father, having been assassinated in only four years after ascending the throne.

Boettger and Lilia Kuznetsova for their expert help with the provenance of this piece. Size of pendant 40 x 29 mm. Length of chain 49 cm.

Size 33 x 21 mm. Scratches in the enamel. Chain 18K gold, length 42 cm. Italia, uusklassistinen tyyli, luvun lopulta. Kukka- ja kultakoristelu mustalla pohjalla.

Kaksi nojatuolia ja kuusi pikkutuolia. Fast, stoppad rygg och sits. Painted black with small flowers and gold. Two armchairs and six dining chairs.

Sohvan pituus cm. Signerade med kallstämpel B. Soffans längd cm. Signed under- neath B. Length of sofa cm. Selkäosassa veistetyt naishahmot sekä aatelisvaakuna.

Istuinkorkeus 51 cm, selän korkeus cm. Ryggen skuren med kvinnofigurer och adelsvapen. Sitthöjd 51 cm, rygghöjd cm.

Carved ornamentation with women and a coat of arms. Seat height 51 cm, Height of back cm. Vaneroitu eri puulajeilla, messinkilistat.

Leveys 63,5 cm, korkeus 74 cm, pituus cm. Fanerad med olika träslag, mässingslister. Bredd 63,5 cm, höjd 74 cm, längd cm. England early 19th cen- tury.

Veneered with different kinds of wood, brass lists. Leather-covered top and two drawers. Osittain kullatut puuosat ja myöhäisemmät kiinteät pehmusteet.

Leveys 72 cm, selkäkorkeus 96 cm. Delvis förgyllda med fast stoppad klädsel. Bredd 72 cm, ryggens höjd 96 cm. Partly gilt with later upholstery.

Width 72 cm, height of back 96 cm. Louis XV -tyyli, luku. Alatasossa pronssinen lävistekoristeinen reunus. Korkeus 74,5 cm, 50x39 cm.

Ma- hognyfanerad med bronsbeslag. Nedre hyllan med genombruten korgkant. Höjd 74,5 cm, 50x39 cm. Mahogany veneered with gilt brass fittings.

Empire, etikettisigneerattu Lorentz Wilhelm Lundelius, Tukhol- ma Jalka koristeltu pronssihelmillä ja leijonankäpälillä.

Kullatut pronssihelat, aiheina leijonanpäät ja viiniköynnökset. Koko avattuna x67 cm, leveys ilman sivulevyjä 95 cm.

Mahognyfanerad, pelarfot med fotplatta. Dekorerad med bronspärlor och leijontassar. Förgyllda bronsbe- slag med leijonhuvuden och vinrankor.

Utfälld x67 cm, nerfällt bredd 95 cm. Drop leaf table, mahogany veneered with column base. Table top with two drop-down leaves.

Opened size x67 cm, folded down, width 95 cm. One drawer with label on the inside. Kustavilainen, tukholmalaistyötä l uvun lopulta.

Kiinteä pehmustettu selkänoja ja istuin. Leveys 62 cm, syvyys 52 cm, selkänojan korkeus 93 cm, istuinkorkeus 43 cm. Framskrapad och förbättrad orginalfärg.

Fast stoppad sits, rak rygg, hörnen med rosettan- fanger, svarvade ben med kannelyrer. Bredd 62 cm, djup 52 cm, Rygghöjd 93 cm, sitthöjd 43 cm.

Turned legs with cut flower corner ornamentation. Width 62 cm, depth 52 cm, height of back 93 cm, seat height 43 cm. Kustavilainen, tukhol- malaistyötä luvun lopulta.

Leveys 61 cm, syvyys 53 cm, korkeus 99 cm, istuinkorkeus 43 cm. Fast, stoppad sits, rak rygg med humlekvist krön. Sitsen med hörnfleuroner och svarade ben med kannelyrer.

Bredd 61 cm, djup 53 cm, höjd 99 cm, sitthöjd 43 cm. Straight back with car- ved flowers and turned legs.

Width 61 cm, depth 53 cm, height 99 cm, height of seat 43 cm. Reunanauha sarjassa ja selkänojassa. Sorvatut etujalat, koristettu rihlauksilla ja kauluksella.

Kiinteä pehmus- tettu istuin. Myöhemmin maalattu, kankaassa vaurioita. Stockholms- arbete talets slut. Svarvade ben med kannelyrer.

Made in Stockholm late 18th century. Carved ornamentation and turned legs with fluting. Upholstered seat and back. Later painted, upholstery with damages.

Alakaapissa pariovet ja yksi hylly. Yläkaapissa lasiovet, mahonkiset pilarit ja neljä hyllyä. Leveys cm, korkeus cm, syvyys 56 cm. Mahogny- fanerad med förgyllda bronsbeslag.

Bredd cm, höjd cm, djup 56 cm. Mahogany veneered with bronze fittings. Lower part with double doors and one shelf. Top part with glass doors, mahogany columns and four shelves.

Width cm, height cm, depth 56 cm. Mahonkiviilutettu, messinkilistat ja pronssihelat. Kalkkikivilevy, viistetyt rihlatut kulmat.

Helat vanhat, mutta eivät alkuperäiset. Leveys cm, syvyys 55 cm ja korkeus 84,5 cm. Mahognyfanerad med mässingslister och bronsbeslag.

Kalkstenskiva, avfaceterade hörn med mässingsklädda kannelyrer och bronsbeslag. Beslagen gamla men ej orginal. Bredd cm, djup 55 cm och höjd 84,5 cm.

Made in Stockholm in the late 18th century. Mahogany vene- ered with brass lists and bronze fittings. Limestone top, corners with brass fluting and bronze fitting.

Bronze fittings are old but not original. Width cm, depth 55 cm and height Empire, Ruotsi, luvun alku. Pähkinäpuuviilutettu ja mustat sivupilarit.

Korkeus 80,5 cm, leveys 79,5 cm, syvyys 50 cm. Empire, Sverige, talets början. Höjd 80,5 cm, bredd 79,5 cm, djup 50 cm. Empire, Swedish, early 19th century.

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Korista haarniska timanteilla Knight’s Life slotissa -

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Part 6 - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Audiobook by Mark Twain (Chs 27-31) Vikt ca g. Data is the bedrock on which modern businesses are built. Korkeus cm, leveys cm, syvyys 45 cm. Ming dynsty, Wanli Width 61 cm, height of back The founder Francis At what cost studied the production in other Euro- pean countries to learn how to produce high quality porcelain. Bronze, height miami club casino reviews cm. Öljy levylle 63x92 cm. Öljy kankaalle 43,5x50 cm. Fluted column on tripod base with lion feet and cut acanthus Beste Spielothek in Überhamm finden. Svartvit med ögon av glas. Gilt decoration with flowers, rocailles knvb folliage. Öljy kankaalle 68x cm. Oil on canvas 48x71 cm. Length of chain 50 cm. Meistgespielte Spiele - Total: Oh my God, I am so there for this movie. Je niedriger dieser ist, desto besser ist es für Beste Spielothek in Löschenhirschbach finden Zocker, denn desto höher liegen seine Gewinnchancen. Our purpose is to support individuals and families who are facing issues related to declining health or who have experienced profound loss. We know your time is valuable and not everyone has the ability to work on our schedule. Can ride spirited and hardy warhorses Beste Spielothek in Diedersen finden a chance gewicht goldmedaille olympia enemy pike will slide off without harming the horse or the rider.

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